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samplecopyPop-Pop-Pop Ahhhh….few pleasures are more satisfying than popping the bubbles in bubble mailers.  There is just something about squeezing those little polyethylene air pockets until they snap-pop-crack-burst that makes receiving a package in bubble mailers double the fun.  The story of Bubble Wrap® began in 1957 when two young engineers started trying to make plastic-backed wallpaper in their garage and ended up making packing material instead.  Today the inventive wrapping material keeps precious possessions safe from careless package handlers and then entertains children of all ages before it gets put into the recycle bin.

bubblewrapperBubble wrap mailers are made with various materials.  Some bubble mailers are kraft paper envelopes bonded to bubble wrap bags.  Kraft paper is the same kind of paper that the butcher wraps up a couple of steaks in for Mom to carry home.  Other bubble mailers are made by bonding poly plastic envelopes to bubble wrap bags.  Yet still another variety of bubble wrap envelopes are heat seal bubble mailers that can be sealed with a hot blow dryer instead of the self adhering variety.

The various kinds of bubble mailers have their advantages.  Kraft paper bubble mailers are more economical while the poly plastic bubble mailers are resistant to water, lighter and less likely to tear.  Bubble mailers save business owners time and money.  Slipping a product into bubble wrap bags and pulling the tape off the self-sealing strip to close takes much less time than building a box, packing the box, taping the box.  Bubble mailers also reduce shipping costs because they are lighter than traditional shipping materials.  Bubble mailers also save storage space compared to other types of packing materials.

Bubble wrap mailers have other advantages for instance bubble mailers are 100% recyclable.  Another advantage is that in bubble wrap mailers the packing material does not shift leaving part of the object vulnerable to breakage.  Bubble wrap mailers are also available in many sizes for every shipping need which is important since the US Post Office now charges some postage rates by the size of the package and not by the weight as they have in the past.  This makes having a variety of bubble mailers on hand a money saving business decision.  Bubble mailers are available in many sizes such as a small 6.5” x 8.5” bubble wrap envelopes are made for shipping CD’s and large 14.25” x 20” bubble mailers are available for large products.

Bubble mailers are an economical choice for shipping.  Wholesale prices for bubble wrap mailers make them an affordable choice for shipping products safely.  Small CD size bubble mailers bought in 500 at a time can be purchased wholesale for less than 14¢ per envelope.  Larger envelopes such as the 14.25” x 20” envelopes cost approximately 50¢ per envelope.  Compare that to a box with similar volume at approximately 88¢ per box not to mention the tape and packing materials needed to prepare the product for shipping.

Bubble mailers are helping business owners ship products more safely and more economically than ever before.  Bubble wrap mailers have evolved from an idea of two young dreamers in a Hawthorne, New Jersey garage to a worldwide phenomenon.  Receiving a package in the mail has always been a fun event, and today even the packaging itself is fun.


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