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samplecopyBridgestone tires are known worldwide for their durability and smooth ride and for long wear and excellent handling characteristics.  Bridgestone tires help move the world on car tires, truck tires, and even semi or tractor tires.  Bridgestone tires are made of the highest quality materials using the best research, engineering and technology making them second to none among tire manufacturers today.

bridgestoneBridgestone tires are a Japanese success story founded in 1931 by Japanese shoe maker Shojiro Ishibashi.  Mr. Ishibashi greatly admired the Canadian tire manufacturer Firestone so he used Firestone as a corporate model.  The name Bridgestone comes from Ishibashi which in Japanese means Stonebridge so Mr. Ishibashi reversed the words in his last name because he liked the sound of Bridgestone better.  Bridgestone competed with Firestone for many years before buying out the Canadian tire giant in 1988 becoming the global Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. in 1990.  Bridgestone Corporation is the parent company of Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. and is the largest rubber and tire company in the world.

Bridgestone tires are manufactured for all uses including performance, touring, passenger, winter, light/medium trucks and specialty tires.  Bridgestone tires are one of two tire manufacturers used on Formula One racing cars and Bridgestone tires are used by world champion Ferrari.  Bridgestone tires are also available in specialty varieties for law enforcement vehicles that require excellent performance and handling in high speed situations.  Bridgestone tires for medium pick-up trucks cost about $140 – $160 per tire while car tires for a light economy coupe cost around $50 – $80 per tire depending on the model chosen.

Car tires, truck tires and SUV tires are made for every vehicle from a hybrid or light pickup truck to a semi diesel rig.  Bridgestone tires made for light and medium trucks offer fifty two different tire options.  Bridgestone tires incorporate state-of-the-art technology in the design and manufacture of their tires including the UNI-T® (Ultimate Tire technology.  UNI-T®  incorporates CO-CS® (Computer optimized Component System) a computer design system that ensures tires are designed specifically for each vehicle , O-Bead® cable design that enhances tire fit on the rim and Long Link Carbon® materials that increases durability, ride and reliability. High quality Bridgestone tires are also available as discount tires through large wholesale companies but all Bridgestone tires incorporate the latest technology.

Drivers around the world roll toward the finish line at the Indy 500 and the supermarket on Bridgestone tires.  Soccer Moms in SUV’s and contractors in heavy dual wheeled pickup trucks count on Bridgestone tires to get them where they need to go safely and comfortably.  Bridgestone tires are part of a long tradition of producing excellent tires for a world on the move.


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