Alaska Fishing Trips

samplecopyThink of fishing in Alaska and images just pop up in your mind like an out of control PowerPoint presentation, grizzly bears eating salmon, fat salmon jumping up waterfalls, red salmon scurrying up riffles over gravel beds of crystalline rivers, enormous flat halibut the size of an area rug, there’s no denying that Alaska is America’s fishing Mecca.

alaska bear

An Alaska fishing trip is the dream of a lifetime for the avid angler.  Alaska is one of the few true untamed wilderness fishing experiences left in America.  But a successful Alaska fishing trip requires planning because you’ll need the right fishing maps, supplies and equipment to limit out; after all, the fish aren’t just going to jump in your creel.

Map it out

Knowing where to fish is always important but in Alaska you are going to need fishing maps.  Alaska is divided into five distinct regions; Southeast, Southcentral, Southwest, Far North, and Interior and each covers thousands of miles and offers various fishing opportunities; so guys, ask for directions and get a map!  It is always advisable to secure the services of a guide or to book a charter boat when you are planning to fish a new area and most especially when you are planning to fish in the wilderness.

Bring the right equipment

As you plan out your trip to Alaska you will need to consider the kind of fish you want to catch, the time of year, and the method of fishing you prefer.  These considerations will dictate the type of fishing supplies and fishing equipment you’ll need.  You may be a fly fisherman who prefers mountain streams or a lure caster who likes to keep on the move upstream, or you may be a deep sea fisherman or ice fisherman who likes to have that cooler of refreshments always close at hand, whatever the case, planning is the key to success and enjoyment.

Choosing the right equipment can mean the difference between catching a world record salmon and losing the big one while being uncomfortable all day.  Equipment to consider for a successful trip are fishing rods and reels, boats or other transportation, and appropriate clothing.   Fishing rod technology has improved greatly with the advent of graphite and ceramic technologies, a far cry from the old bamboo fishing rods.  The rod and reel chosen vary according to the type of fish, the size of the fish, the environment such as boat fishing or stream fishing, and the skill of the fisherman.  Some fishermen enjoy a lighter rod to extend the fight while less skilled fishermen want a stiffer rod that allows them to control the fish better.  If you are planning to charter a boat things to consider are the size of the boat, the amenities offered, the number of crew members, and the number of people who will be aboard with you.  You want a boat big enough to be comfortable with a crew ratio that provides you with technical support so you will have a successful day of fishing.  Lastly, remember that Alaska is in the north!  It might be cold and wet or there may be lots of insects that want to visit with you so be prepared!


Fishing supplies include fishing line, lures, various tackle, food and water, sunscreen, insect repellent, and sunglasses.  Fishing line comes in braided and monofilament varieties graded according to weight.  A 2lb test line will support two pounds of weight hung from it so choosing the right weight of line for the size of fish you want to catch has obvious implications.  Lures come in endless varieties, shapes, colors, sizes, and hook configurations.  The best method for buying lures and all other fishing tackle is usually to find out what the “locals” are using and buy that – well, let’s say the locals who catch fish.  Never leave for a fishing trip without taking into account what you will eat and drink all day.  If you are going to be on foot then high energy bars and a canteen with fresh water will sustain you and won’t weigh you down.  Lastly, don’t forget your sunscreen, insect repellent and sunglasses for maximum comfort in the glorious Alaskan outdoors.

Many kinds of fishing are available to you in Alaska and each requires a different fishing map, a different kind of fishing equipment and a variety of fishing supplies.  Many visiting fishermen and women simply choose to buy a fishing vacation package that includes lodging, a guide, fishing equipment and fishing supplies.  When all the varieties of fishing in Alaska are considered, and the cost of purchasing fishing equipment and supplies are calculated, the comprehensive package is often the most economical way to ensure that you limit out!

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